Meet our Volunteers


Meet our Volunteers

Meet our Volunteers

Volunteers are an essential part of our organization and support us in a number of ways including welcoming families, providing office support, hosting programs and meals, spearheading fundraising events and serving on our Board.
Here are just some of the incredible volunteers who are helping to make Ronald McDonald House BC and Yukon a home away from home every day!

In 2019,
570 regular volunteers contributed 18,400 hours to help serve our families! ”

Mike started as a volunteer for RMH BC’s annual A Night to Dream Gala and wanted to do more for RMH BC. That same week, he called the House and offered to volunteer as a Family Meal Host. His positive attitude and winning smile helps welcome and guide the groups who dedicate their time and resources to cook a meal for every family staying in the House.

Diane first got involved with RMH BC over 30 years ago as a participant in the annual Vancouver Invitational Golf Tournament and has been involved as a committee member helping raise funds to support the House ever since.

Jenny has been a volunteer for the Family Room in Surrey Memorial Hospital for over two years and has enjoyed making a difference in the lives of families. Her drive to keep volunteering is seeing the relief in the faces of families when entering the welcoming space of the Family Room.    

When the new House was being constructed, Frank noticed that there would be gardens on-site and as a qualified Master Gardener, he thought he could contribute his time as a volunteer for the House. The Dirt Therapy Program has now been running for over 5 years and helps teach children and families about the benefits of fresh, organic (and free) food. Frank enjoys encouraging families to participate in House activities, sometimes as a diversion, learning experience or a chance to be social.

With a background in Health Sciences and a passion for interacting with people, Stephanie found a volunteer position at the Front Desk that made her feel at home. She has been a volunteer for her entire life and is glad to be the welcoming face greeting everyone who walks through the front door of the House. “Every task I lend a hand towards helps the House function smoothly and that allows the staff to serve the families better.”

Every time RBC visits the House, they bring with them a happiness to contribute to the community around them. Their team enjoys creating an impact beyond the workplace and they connect deeply with the commitment and vision of RMH BC.

Last holiday season, RBC and RecycleSmart teamed up to bring helping hands from throughout both organizations to support the House, from sanitizing LEGO, preparing freezer meals, and baking sweets for the holidays.

Throughout her life, Colleen has always worked with kids so volunteering at RMH BC seemed like a natural fit. Colleen was part of a new initiative to introduce Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs to expand the services RMH BC provides to our families. She loves building a connection with the kids through creative experiences and allowing parents the time to take a breather, even if it’s only for a short time.

As the Queen Stain Remover, Lyn provides a supportive helping hand to keep the Family Room fresh, spotless and welcoming! Her hidden talents also include the ability to mend anything, from giant teddy bears to laundry hamper liners. Lyn is the mother of a preemie, so she realizes how important support like RMH is for families.

Full of smiles every time he enters the House, Dewey looks forward to the few hours he spends each week volunteering as a Family Meal Host. A memorable moment came during his second shift, when he was still getting acclimatized to  RMH BC. In the middle of readying the kitchen for an incoming group, a girl took his hand and proclaimed that they were going to find Nemo. And off they went!

Volunteering at RMH BC gives Eloise the opportunity to share her passion for dance with families in the house and show them all of the wonderful things that dance has to offer. Each week, they stretch, play games, learn dances, and most of all have fun!

Every child brings something special to the class and it makes Eloise happy to see them express themselves in new ways. She loves that RMH BC welcomed her into their community with open arms and is thankful that she can contribute to the positivity that fills the house. 

The Vancouver Golf Tournament Committee are a fabulous group of dedicated volunteers who have elevated this signature fundraising event to new heights, raising over $125,000 for RMH BC last year! Combined, the 7 members share their expertise and a passion for supporting the House with over 20 years serving on the committee.

Vancouver Golf Committee members: Diane Divall, Kerry Cabral, Joe Guzzo, John Paone, Ron Knight, Rose Kilpatrick and Willy Quan

Matt first heard about RMH BC from a colleague who encouraged him to volunteer as the Acting Secretary to the Board. Loving the experience and watching the House transform from 13 to 73 rooms, Matt joined us as our Board Member from 2015 to 2021. He loves spending time in the House (especially on the slide) and seeing firsthand the impact of his time spent with RMH BC.

Nancy is one of our amazing volunteers who has been with the House for over 4.5 years! Every Wednesday morning, she makes sure the House is clean and orderly, something that she values as a mother. Even if the encounters with families are brief in the mornings, she knows that a warm words and a smile goes a long way towards supporting them.

As the other Wednesday morning Host of House, Alison helps keep the kitchens spotless and is one of the warm faces that welcomes families in the morning. Similar to her fellow volunteer, Nancy, Alison loves the feeling of interacting with families and watching other families interact. She thinks it is a wonderful thing to see families connect with each other.

Lindsey is a long-time member of our RMH BC family who first started volunteering at our 13-bedroom House on Angus Drive, where she saw firsthand the impact of RMH BC on families. In 2016 Lindsey took on chairing our annual A Night to Dream Gala, leading an inspiring volunteer committee to raise an incredible $1.3 million at the event over the past three years.

When not volunteering or helping her clients with their business and brand strategy, Lindsey can be found exploring Vancouver with her adorable pup, Ben.

Terry provides support to the front desk by answering phones, delivering mail, updating notices and making sure that families have all the information they need.

The little moments are the ones that stand out to her. She was helping distribute some fresh fruit donated to the House to each of the kitchens when one of the families returned from their day at the hospital. The girl, eager to help out, grabbed a stool and Terry handed her fruit to place in the fruit basket, just like how she would put fruit away in her own home.

A tireless advocate for Vancouver Island communities, Kelly is an inspiring member of the RMH BC family. Over the years she has supported all of RMH BC’s signature events, most recently chairing the Vancouver Island Golf Tournament Committee. Under her leadership the tournament has risen to new heights, raising more than $800,000 for the House since it began 27 years ago. Giving back is a family affair for Kelly and her husband Rory and daughters Kaelin and Mackenzie are often seen by her side helping out at RMH BC events.

As one of the first groups to cook a meal for families in the new RMH BC House, Jordan Craig and the Oikos group (not the yogurt brand) have been cooking meals each month for over four years! Organizing a rotating group of now 50 volunteers, Jordan first came across the opportunity when searching for ways to make a difference in his local community. “Oikos” means “family” in Greek and the group of friends have become an important part of the RMH BC family!

You can find Carol volunteering during one of the quieter times at the Surrey Family Room where she enjoys baking for families. She loves the feeling of sharing homemade treats made with love so that families can have something fresh with their coffee. Her peach upside-down cake is a huge hit and often gets people talking!