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8-year-old Sarah from Taylor, BC has only two things on her Christmas wish list and the first item on that list is to visit RMH BC, her home away from home, and cook a meal for the families who must stay in Vancouver over the holidays. Like many families currently staying at RMH BC, she knows the feeling of being far away from home and wants to give back in other ways as well.

Earlier this year, Sarah and her parents, Amy and Steve, stayed at the House when Sarah had to undergo open heart surgery to repair an atrial septal defect (a hole in her heart). During her recovery, she saw firsthand how a community comes together to support families going through difficult times. They especially enjoyed the dinners served through the Family Meals Program and bonding with the other families in the House.

Even though the House is over 1,200km away, Sarah still feels very attached. She wants to help make “kids smile so that they can be able to fulfill their dreams”, so when she returned home, she wanted to find a way to give back. This year, she has organized a lemonade stand, a teddy bear fundraiser and a hot chocolate stand in her hometown.

Sarah is a seasoned fundraiser since 2017 and aims to surpass the goal of $10,000 in support of a number of charities. Her most recent fundraising project is to design and print golf towels, with all the proceeds going towards RMH BC and the St. John’s Hospital Foundation.

“One slogan we use at home, right from day one, is sometimes superheroes are living in the bodies of small children and empowering the world,” says Amy. Thank you Sarah for making a difference in your community. We hope to see you in the House this December!

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