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For Alumni Families

As an Alumni Family of Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon, you are the heart of House and the core of our mission. You have experienced, first hand, what it’s like to participate in Young Explorers Playtime, cozy up by the fireplace in the Surrey Family Room and take part in Family Meals. You can speak from the heart about the impact that the House has had on your family during the most difficult of times and you are aware that it is more than just a place to stay – it is truly a home away from home. 

stay up-to-date

As some of our most dedicated and passionate supporters, we want to stay in touch with all of the families that have walked through the big (and small!) doors of RMH BC. Please join our RMH BC Families Facebook Page to stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening at the House. In this group, we share House stories, exciting contests, speaking opportunities and information about events! It’s also a great way to stay in touch with other families.

Share your story

We love to hear about every unique family experience at the House. If you would like to share your story, please email Robyn at robyn@rmhbc.ca. You can also share your story on social media by tagging @rmhbc and using the hashtag #rmhbc

Interested in giving back or getting more involved?

Our families come from 212 different communities throughout BC & the Yukon and we are eager to raise awareness and build closer ties with these regions. We believe that Alumni Families with an inspiring story to tell are the key to growing awareness and garnering support for RMH BC. Community-hosted events are valuable not only in the funds that they raise, but in the awareness they create within the communities that host them.

From pledging birthday money to hosting a golf tournament, families of RMH BC are doing amazing things to help us keep more families together when their child is sick. If you would like to get involved, we can provide you with the necessary tools to host an amazing event in your community!

Please download our Alumni Family Toolkit to find out more about the many ways you can support the House from home. Whatever you choose to do, we will be here to cheer you on along the way!

Check out how other families are paying it forward on our Alumni Family Team Raiser Page!

If you have any questions about supporting the House, please contact:

Sunshine Purificacion,
Director of Community Development
604-736-2957 ext. 2102

The Stehelin Family

Diagnosed with leukemia at just two and a half, Marek spent a total of 496 nights at RMH BC. Since July 2014, RMH BC has been their home-away-from-home. When Marek settled back at home in Whitehorse, he decided to pay it forward. After completing his intensive treatment, he grew his hair out to donate to someone in need, and collected donations for RMH BC along the way!

Check out Marek’s Fundraiser

The Bowerman Family

RMH BC was a place where sisters Aliya and Tiana could play, make friends and just be kids. Once they left the House, they knew they had to give back. They started brainstorming fundraising ideas and before their next follow-up visit to Vancouver, they held a bottle drive, made friendship bracelets to sell at local craft fairs, gave presentations at schools, and with mom’s help, set up an online fundraising page. The girls have raised almost $3,000 to support other families.

The MacKinnon Family

The office of MasTec Canada in Fort St. John has a front ditch that rages with water every spring. It started with a simple boat race and over the last 4 years, has grown to approximately 100 people who gather to race boats and ping pong balls down the ditch! The MasTec Ditch Race raises funds for RMH BC, United Way of Norther BC and the ALS Society, raising approximately $40,000 for these charities over the last 4 years. Scott chooses to support RMH BC BC with this fundraiser as his son has been going to Children’s Hospital since he was born. Travelling from Fort St. John for every appointment can be extremely stressful, but the MacKinnon family believe that RMHBC is a bright spot in a time that can be full of despair, unknowing and unease.

The Doyle Family

Our son Archie was born very suddenly when I was only 26 weeks pregnant in October 2016. He spent three and a half months in the NICU and underwent numerous procedures in that period. It was an exceptionally difficult and scary time for our family. For the first two weeks, my husband slept with Archie in the NICU at Surrey Memorial Hospital and I was able to sleep right next door in the RMHBC Family Room. I was recovering from an emergency c-section, but I loved being as close to my baby as possible. I really appreciated that the staff and volunteers at RMHBC tried their best to make it feel more like a home away from home and less like a hospital. Even when I was no longer staying over night at RMHBC, it was always a wonderful place to take a break, have a meal and add a tiny bit of normalcy to a very challenging time in our lives. We always make a point to stop in and visit if we are at the hospital. For the past two years, my business has run a fundraiser for RMH at Surrey Memorial to ensure that more families are able to feel the same comfort that we did. When you have a sick child and you are essentially living in the hospital, being welcomed into a warm and family centered space makes such a difference.

The Moen Family

Aaron and Ana along with their son Aeson were one of the first families to stay in the new House. They called RMHBC “home” for 6 months! Aaron knows how important the House is to the families that stay here as it helps so many others that are going a difficult time. To say thank you and give back, the Moen family have organized the Annual Aeson Moen Golf Tournament in Penticton for the last 3 years. Altogether, they have raised over $16,000!

Semkiw Family

In June 2018, our son Madden Semkiw, received successful open- heart surgery. He spent several days in Children’s Hospital, and many days at Ronald McDonald House, in recovery.
Since our experience, our family has met several people in Campbell River that have spent some time at RMHBC. It is amazing how many families have been touched by this organization. Sometimes it is direct, such as a son or daughter, and other times it is someone’s niece, nephew, or even a family friend.
As an Alumni Family, we decided to support the “Light the House” fundraiser that is designed to support families who will be spending the Christmas holidays caring for their child, while at RMHBC.
The fundraiser took place over the duration of 30 days and was hosted at our family business of C&L Supply. During this experience, it was truly great sharing stories with our local community. The staff at C&L Supply, were astounded by the amount of people who have had an experience at RMHBC. The “Light the House” fundraiser would not have been the same without the support and commitment of the staff, which are like family!
It was great to help out the families at RMHBC. I could not imagine spending the holidays, worrying about the health and safety of a child. I hope that they all had a wonderful Christmas!

Alumni Family Ambassadors

We are currently working to build an Alumni Family Ambassador Program. Our goal is to have a dedicated team of Ambassadors – at least one Alumni Family in all the regions we serve – who can speak from the heart about their experience at the House, help educate their local communities about RMH BC’s mission and influence local community fundraising efforts! Some Alumni Family Ambassador opportunities include sharing your story at local RMH BC fundraising events, engaging on social media or taking part in our various fundraising campaigns. To sign up as an Alumni Family Ambassador or to receive more information, please contact Sunshine, Director of Community Development at sunshine@rmhbc.ca or download the Program Overview below.