Help Families Eat Together

Family Meals

Family Meals

Share the gift of a homemade meal with our families.

Having a night off from cooking is a huge relief for the thousands of families who call Ronald McDonald House BC and Yukon home each year. Bring together a group of your friends, colleagues or family to cook a healthy, delicious meal for our families.
You can also challenge your group to a fundraising goal! We have many ways Family Meal groups can get involved with fundraising for RMH BC, including setting up a team fundraising page.

The Family Meal Program
allows us to spend as much time with our daughter in the NICU as possible and not worry about cooking and we can sit down and share a meal with our other children.”


Your group will arrive at the House by 4:00pm and register with the Front Desk. A member of staff will greet you and give you a brief tour of the House. All food preparation should occur on site. Dinner is served at 6pm. A Host of the House Volunteer will then introduce your group to the families. Please feel free to sit and eat with the families. After the meal the families are encouraged to bring their plates to the dishwashing station. It is the responsibility of your group to wash all the dishes and return them to the correct cupboards. Your group will be washed up and finished by 7:30pm.

Sunday Brunch

We ask that your group arrive by 8:00am to serve brunch at 9:30am. Your group will register with the Front Desk. Your group will have access to a kitchen which is fully stocked with cooking equipment. All food preparation should occur on site, and it is the responsibility of your group to wash all the dishes and return them to the correct cupboards. Your group will be cleaned up and finished by approximately 11:00am.
cooking a family meal


How many meals will we serve and how many volunteers are needed?
Groups have access to one kitchen to serve 100 meals. During high-occupancy periods at the House (summer holidays, spring break, December), we ask groups to prepare for 150 meals.
Our kitchens can accommodate up to 15 volunteers. All volunteers must be over the age of 16. If teens will be accompanying your group, please ensure that there is at least 1 adult for every group member under 19.
Looking for youth group or teen volunteer opportunities? Contact us so that we can design the perfect opportunity for you!
Can we bring entertainment, activities for the children?

Yes, feel free to get creative. If you would like to host an activity along with your meal, please contact us in advance to confirm.
Can we bring pre-cooked food?

No – due to FoodSafe guidelines, all food for Family Meals must be prepared on site, unless the food is prepared in a restaurant or professional kitchen.
Are there any limitations to the type of food we prepare?

No, we cannot accommodate diverse food allergies, however, we ask that a vegetarian option is always part of the menu and that basic ingredients are explained to the families.
What meal-plans have worked in the past?

Our families really enjoy the variety of meals that organizations share such as ethnically diverse foods such as Indian curry, Greek food, and more. Nutrition is important to our families and so we encourage our groups to bring their family favourite recipe. We have had great success with a Mother’s Day Tea, Father’s Day BBQ, holiday-themed events such as St. Patrick’s Day or a cook-off between groups is always fun.

Download the Family Meal Info Package
Good times in the kitchen

Tips for a successful family meal

  • Book and confirm your Family Meal at
  • Fundraise or budget in advance to help pay for the groceries
  • Ask us if you’re unsure you have the appropriate volume of food
  • Choose a team leader who can delegate tasks in the kitchen to help make the meal run smoothly
  • Arrive on time and make sure everyone is healthy
  • Choose a  menu that is family-friendly
  • Adhere to safe food handling practices
  • Communicate with the RMH BC staff so we can enhance your experience
  • Remember to clean up and return items to where you found them
  • If you require tax receipts for food or supplies, please submit receipts to RMH BC within 30 days of your meal.
  • Most importantly, have fun!